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CFTC To Take 3 Months Reviewing Kalshi’s Election Betting Bill

  • Kalshi’s congressional control prediction markets’ review has begun and will continue for 90 days.
  • While speculations are high on the bill’s allowance, it would be interesting to see if the draft will see the day of light. 

Elections aren’t exactly out of the ambit of betting. People in different countries have been speculating on either party running for the parliament for many years. Of course, the activity is illegal, and the government never approved gambling on poll results. But the US seems to be embracing this idea, at least in the form of a proposal.

CFTC on Analyzing One-of-its-kind Draft

Kalshi’s proposed contracts recently mooted the idea of taking the elections on the betting tables. It introduced the blueprint to run and regulate betting on election results. And right now, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission is reviewing the draft. 

The regulator started the review on Friday night, which will continue for 90 days. The body will evaluate different aspects of KalshiEX LLC’s self-certified contracts during this period. Kalshi is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers regular trading services on its platform. 

Notably, the review committee finds out the answers to 24 questions about this contract. The most prominent is whether this activity would be similar to gaming. Last year, The exchange stated that CFTC would allow its political event betting business to float in the US. It wanted people to gamble on the run-up to the 2022 midterm elections. 

Kalshi withdrew the proposal a little later, and they filed it again this year. The leading CFTC commissioners, Caroline Pham and Summer Mersinger are reluctant to extend the review period. According to them, Kalshi had been operating within the norms and cooperating with officials in the evaluation process. 

Taking Cognizance of Other Precedents 

Mersinger even said that Kalshi’s self-certified contracts do not match any gaming criteria. She asserted that the body should treat this proposal like any other new product and solution certification draft. The regulator should follow the regular rulemaking process to establish a legal framework. 

An inclusive study of the draft is needed to determine if it would be in the public interest or not, she said. At the same time, Pham pointed to another litigation that has similar premises. She notified that CFTC decreed the betting service agency PredictIt to shut down their operations last year. PredictIt appealed against this action in the court and continued its operations with lawful permission.

If the regulator does the same thing to Kalshi, the whole episode might repeat itself. Both commissioners put forth their perspectives that took reference to the ongoing issues. It would be interesting to see where the bill takes its subsequent course. Various experts have expressed hopes that the outcome will favor the exchange.

They argue that this would also be a lucrative activity for the government. They can stash their coffers with lots of money through taxes collected on the betting amount. But it would be too early to say whether the government will give its nod to this activity. It may reject the proposal on various grounds, such as exposing people to an addictive exercise. The people of the US will have to wait for this one to play out on its own. 

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