What Are Hot Crypto Wallets? Top Four Software Wallets?

  • Hot Crypto wallets are the most widely used wallets for crypto trading.
  • They are fast, Secure, and easy to operate.

Cryptocurrencies are the talk of the era. People from all over the globe are admiring the rapid expansion of cryptocurrencies. For example, the price of bitcoin skyrocketed from mere cents to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This price surge was not merely an accident but showed the future prospects of the decentralized world. As more and more people are moving toward this decentralized world. The decentralized world is also expanding. 

But to access any cryptocurrency users need one thing, which is a wallet. Anyone cannot access crypto without a wallet. Online wallets that we use to access crypto are called hot wallets. The specialty of hot wallets is that they are very easy to access, and anyone can perform transactions at a fast speed using these hot wallets. Not only this, they are also very cheap as compared to the high price of cold wallets, but for all these cool features, users had to compromise with security because cold wallets are way more secure than hot wallets. 

Still, hot wallets are the most widely used for crypto trading. This has led to the formation of a lot of crypto wallets in the market. Creating confusion in the minds of people regarding which one is the best for them. Hence in this article, we have compiled a list of top crypto wallets that you can choose from.

List of top Crypto Wallets 


This wallet offers the best user-friendly interface; hence it is very easy for newbies to use this wallet. Another big advantage of this wallet is that it supports more than 5,500+ digital assets. If you are a guy with a vast portfolio, then this wallet can be your first choice

Talking about security, the wallet offsets two-factor authentication support, which provides an extra layer of security to your transactions. Another big advantage it offers is that reputable trading firms back it; hence you can trust this with your precious hard-earned money.


This wallet has a specialized intuitive interface design and works as a browser extension as well as an app. This wallet is built on open-source code. This feature allows security experts to review the source code. It is very often seen that most of the crypto scam projects have private codes which is not open source. This means that no one can review the project’s code; hence there are high chances of a malicious code being embedded in the project. Since Metamask is, open source, you can trust this project.

The Blue Wallet 

The blue wallet is often called the best Bitcoin wallet. So if you are a Bitcoin enthusiast, then a blue wallet is a thing that deserves your try. Apart from these, blue wallets offers other advantages too, like the interface it offers is not only modern but also easy and smooth. It is one of the very few wallets that supports on–chain and lightning transactions. Talking about the disadvantages, the major disadvantage it possesses is that it has no two-factor authentication.

If the high trading fee is one of your biggest concerns, then is here to hold you back,. This wallet allows users to choose their desired trading fees and confirmation speed. This means you can choose it as per your requirement or conditions. Apart from this, it supports 250 coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Litecoin. The disadvantages of this valet are that once your private keys and recovery phase are lost, your funds will be inaccessible forever. 

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