VC Firm Partner On Why AI’s Success is Not Crypto’s Failure

  • Burniske states that people are making imprudent investments in new technologies.

Chris Burniske, a former ARK Invest analyst and current partner at venture capital firm Placeholder shared an interesting post recently. He put across his bullish views on the future of AI and crypto with a very compelling analogy.

Chris Burniske, a partner at VC firm Placeholder and a former ARK invest analyst shared a Twitter thread recently. 

Burniske compared investors chasing popular trends with mosquitoes going after light. He urged investors to do the due diligence before jumping on a bandwagon. In the post, he wrote that it never ceased to amaze him that humans shared the nature of mosquitoes when it comes to chasing money.

He expressed his concerns over the imprudent investments that people are making in new technologies. Whether it is AI or crypto, you need to do your math before putting your money into it, he said. He also said that some folks even predict the fate of the technology before knowing it. Burniske says that both technologies have a promising future. However, you could lose if you buy them arbitrarily.

Airing some suggestions, he states that investors should explore the underpenetrated markets rather than chasing the highly-popular options. Stating further he says, both bullish and bearish trends have their outcomes. They are just trends that come and go like seasons. He advised investors to try to interpret the trend with insights and analysis rather than speculations

Divulging in details about his firm’s operations, he said that blockchain’s adaption in different domains is their primary focus. He also expressed the wish to associate with influencers who could reach more than 10 to 100M users. With that kind of outreach, they would get traction in the public markets and strengthen their venture stage. At the same time, they will deploy blockchain in making better mechanisms to distribute wealth, power, and data. 

Commenting on the convergence of multiple technologies, he said that at some point in time, they all will be synchronized together. AI, machine learning, automation, and blockchain will be integrated into the major solutions that we can use. As a result, we will experience significant growth that will embrace decentralization to the core of everything.

Burniske concluded his thread with a suggestion that investors should be accountable for their own decisions. He again urged them to make thoughtful decisions about investments rather than being mosquitoes.  

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