SoFi Technologies Earnings Have Shown A Boost: Is It Good News?

  • SoFi Technologies Inc.’s stock has given a return of over 68% in a year.
  • The one-year target price for the SOFI stock is 22% above the current price.
  • The operating cash flow of the SOFI has increased by over $1300 YoY.

SoFi Technologies, Inc. operates as a financial services platform. It specializes in offering solutions for refinancing student loans within the private student loan sector. It also provides services related to home loans, personal loans, and credit cards.

The SOFI Technologies stock is currently in an upward trend. In the weekly timeframe, it consistently achieves higher highs. Moreover, the company’s operating cash flow has witnessed a remarkable increase of over 1300%, signifying significant financial growth.

The current trading price for SOFI stock stands at $8.39, with an average trading volume of $23 million. Analyst ratings project a target price for the stock at approximately $10.28, indicating a potential 22% increase from its current price. It suggests a strong performance by the company.

SOFI stock has delivered a positive return of over 68% in the past year, reflecting the company’s strong performance and attracting potential buyer interest.

While SOFI stock reached an all-time high of $10.23 on June 14, 2023, it subsequently experienced a 25% decline in just nine days. However, it found support at $7.79, leading to a recovery of nearly 30%. Over the past year, SOFI stock has demonstrated a growth of 47.3%. Notably, the price found support at the $7.37 level, indicating a rebound.

The current market situation reveals a bullish trend for SOFI stock. It has reached an all-time high, forming a robust price structure, and is poised for potential new highs in the coming days.

SoFi Technologies Inc. (SOFI) Stock Price Analysis

SOFI by writer50_tcr on

The MACD lines for SOFI stock are positioned above the signal line, which is a robust indicator of upward momentum in the price. It suggests that it is likely to reach new highs in the future.

Additionally, the 14-day SMA line and the RSI line for SOFI stock are approaching the 60 level. Both lines are situated in positive territory, and the RSI is above the signal line. These factors collectively provide a positive signal, indicating a potential price increase.


As per the analysis, the SoFi Technologies stock price is moving in an upward direction. The price has given a positive return in the previous along with the rise in the operating cash flow. The overall financial of the company is performing well and the indicators are also positive for the stock. Thus, this indicates that the price might rise in the future.

Technical Levels
  • Support Level: $7.27
  • Resistance Level: $10.15

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