Dynamic Web3 Event is Returning: The Future of Tech – Web3 Trends in 2024


The ultimate Web3 event returns, this time in London. Learn from the Web3 experts and join the vibrant discussions.

Orbis86 and  DLT Science Foundation are hosting the most prominent web3 event The Future of Tech – Web3 Trends in 2024. Here, attendees can discover the latest innovations in the Web3 domain. It is not a typical tech gathering—it’s a spirited hub for Web3 enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and investors. Top experts of this decentralised network are coming together to share their knowledge and skills with attendees. They will showcase live demos of the cutting-edge Web3 products and services.

Hedera and UCL are the sponsors of this tech conference. It is perfect for people interested in the future of technology and the internet. It is the best time to increase your proficiency in this next generation of the internet. The Future of Tech – Web3 Trends in 2024 allows attendees to have collaborative discussions with experts to increase their network.

Key Event Details

– Date and Time: February 05, 2024, 6:00 p.m onwards
– Location: Roberts Building, University College London, England
– Collaborators: Orbis86 and DLT Science Foundation
– Sponsors: Hedera and UCL

Reasons to Attend

The Future of Tech – Web3 Trends in 2024 will cover diverse things in the web3 domain. Most brightest minds will talk about the latest trends and innovations in the blockchain, and crypto sector. They will cover these topics in the event:

  1. Web3 Entrepreneurship

This event is perfect for the rising entrepreneurs who want to grow in the web3 ecosystem. Seasoned experts will share the challenges they faced in their businesses. You will also learn how they succeeded in this futuristic world. The speakers will teach attendees about starting and scaling a Web3 venture. They will also show some demos regarding their products and services.

  1. Enterprise Transformation

The Future of Tech – Web3 Trends in 2024 event will talk about the Web3 technologies used to reshape traditional business models. From decentralised applications to blockchain integration, these discussions will provide a comprehensive view of Web3’s influence on the corporate landscape.

  1. Investment Outlook

Many experts will talk about the ways to invest in web3. Attendees can gain insights into identifying and capitalising on emerging opportunities in the Web3 space. Investors looking to navigate the dynamic world of digital assets will want to take advantage of this. Speakers will talk about the role of decentralised finance (DeFi). Also, they will discuss risk management in web3 investments.

Timing And Venue

The event will occur on February 05, 2024, in London at The Roberts Building, located on Torrington Place, opposite Waterstones Bookshop. It is a modern engineering building that houses several departments within the UCL Faculty of Engineering. Proper care has been taken for all health and safety protocols to provide a safe experience for all attendees. It is a tech conference for networking with 150-250 dynamic individuals.

The event will start with a welcome speech by the hosts. Then, a series of keynote speeches will start by the speakers. After a snack break, the event will resume with an award ceremony. The event will end with a closing remark and a networking session. This tech conference provides potential collaboration and investment opportunities to the attendees.

Event Speakers

The Future of Tech – Web3 Trends in 2024 will have influential speakers in the Web3 space. These speakers are tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from various Web3 domains. Attendees can engage with these thought leaders to forge valuable connections. These are the speakers of this event:

– Soniya Ahuja, Founder & CEO, Orbis86
– Paul H, Head of Sales, Zodia Markets
– Kristian Moller, Founder, Secured on Blockchain
– Chris Chabot, Head of Open Source, Shardeum
– Kaitlin Argeaux, Co-Founder & CEO, CryptoMondays London
– Stephen Newnham, UK Lead, Solana
– Juan Ignacio Ibañez, Chief of Staff, DLT Science Foundation
– Walter J. H, Research Fellow, DLT Science Foundation
– Ron K., Operations Executive, DLT Science Foundation
– Daniel Fozzati, Founding Partner, The Building Blocks
– Ashish Singh, Founder, of CoinBrit
– Divya Prashanth, CEO & Co-Founder, HQNFTs

Hosts of the Event

Orbis86 is back with The Future of Tech – Web3 Trends in 2024 event this year. This event will continue the conversation and the education on Web3. It is co-hosted by ​DLT Science Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting research and education on blockchain technology.


Orbis86 is a leading Web3 platform that connects creators, consumers, and investors in the digital economy. They empower the web3 community and foster innovation and creativity. This platform provides onboarding in web3 and artificial intelligence. ​​Throughout the calendar year, Orbis86 conducts various events in cities globally.

These events serve as platforms for individuals to learn, and immerse themselves in Web3 and AI topics. They aim to create a community of like-minded individuals.

DLT Science Foundation

DLT Science Foundation is a non-profit organization that conducts research and development on distributed ledger technology (DLT). They provide funds and promote scientific projects that advance the application of DLT. This organization also hosts various blockchain events.

They aim to create a world where users can depend on blockchain technology and eliminate the need to trust third parties to verify data. This organization provides enough knowledge and tools for distributed ledger technology.

Sponsors and Partners of the Event

Both Hedera and UCL are sponsoring this tech conference. Hedera is a publicly distributed ledger that backs up many web3 apps. This platform allows users to record fast transactions using secure technology. It works on a unique consensus algorithm, called Hashgraph. Hedera supports low latency and fair ordering. Users can also try other services such as smart contracts, file storage, and tokenization.

Talking about other sponsors, UCL is London’s leading multidisciplinary university. They have more than 13,000 staff and 42,000 students from 150 different countries. This university has a world-class reputation for teaching excellence. They are also known for their contribution to the development of Web3 technologies. UCL has its own Centre for Blockchain Technologies to conduct different research.

There are also other partners associated with The Future of Tech – Web3 Trends in 2024 event. These are the reputed agencies that successfully conducted different blockchain and crypto projects: The Coin Republic, OffChain London, Servicenow, OKX, Lbank, Virtualness, OnePieceLabs, CryptoBabes, The HBAR Foundation, and more.

How to Secure Your Spot?

You can click on this link to register yourself for this tech conference. The host will approve your application first. Then, you can provide your details for registration, like your name, email, and phone number. Once you complete the registration, you will receive a confirmation email with other details.

Contact Information

Attendees can connect with the team of Orbis86 and DLT Science Foundation if they have queries related to the event. You can contact the event organizers using the following details:

We hope to see you at Orbis86: The Future of Tech – Web3 Trends in 2024 in London. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn, network, and grow in Web3. It is the next generation of the internet that will change the world. Web3 allows users to have control over their digital identities,  data, and transactions. Don’t miss this chance to join the Web3 revolution. Be a part of the future of tech by registering yourself.

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