6 Reasons to Start Playing Blockchain Games In 2023


Blockchain gaming has been creating a buzz within the wider industry, which is evident by taking a look at the NFT boom of 2021. Even though the direct value of the crypto market has declined significantly since then, there are still plenty of games being actively developed. Throughout this article, we discuss six reasons why you should start playing blockchain games in 2023. 

Digital Ownership

When you play standard games with in-app purchases, you never actually own the assets you buy, so you’re just wasting money. Whereas, assets in blockchain games use NFT technology, meaning any player that spends crypto in a game actually owns the assets. As well as being used to play the games, assets can be sold on NFT marketplaces, which can bring in a hefty profit if a sale is made. 

Technology is Improving

The technology used to create play to earn blockchain games is evolving all of the time, which means the games are becoming much more intuitive and enjoyable. For example, there are exciting projects like Tamadoge that have plans to create VR-powered mobile games, which will be revolutionary for the industry. 

Industry is Growing

The blockchain gaming industry is growing from strength to strength, which means there are always new games to explore. Therefore, if you’re finding the release catalog for console and PC a little underwhelming, you might find a blockchain game that’s worth your time. As a bonus, you’ll be rewarded for playing the game, and you can sometimes earn back your original purchase – something you’re never going to achieve by selling a console or PC game. 

Be Part of an Enormous Community

Socialization has become a central part of gaming, which is clear when you think about the rise of online gaming and community platforms like Discord. A great part about playing blockchain games is that many of them are built as metaverses, which means socialization is at the core. For example, The Sandbox allows players to attend live shows, collaborate with work colleagues, and so much more. 

Benefiting as an Early User

Blockchain gaming is still in its infancy, so getting involved now means that you may one day hold a piece of history. As we know, retro items sell for a high price, which means you could be building a small fortune by simply playing games. So, what are you waiting for? Open a crypto wallet today and start a new gaming journey. 

Education and Knowledge

Blockchain technology is exciting, but there’s a lot to learn if you don’t want to burn your money. Therefore, by playing blockchain games you can start learning how the technology works, which will put you in a strong position when blockchain becomes more widely adopted. 

Blockchain gaming is a new and exciting branch of the gaming industry, and there are plenty of reasons to get involved in 2023. Not only are these games cheaper to play right now because the market is down, there’s enough growth that there’s something for everyone to get involved with. 

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