Top analyst predicts Pushd to be a better investment in 2024 over Hedera and Cardano


Investing in cryptocurrencies is now very normalized, with digital assets being a part of many portfolios. Investors have gained (and lost) money in the past from investing in cryptos. Popular choices of cryptos for investors include Hedera (HBAR) and Cardano (ADA). 

Most people consider Cardano (ADA) the bigger cryptocurrency because of its over $18 Billion market share. At the same time, Hedera HBAR still has a decent market share of over $2 Billion. When it comes to supply, Hedera (HBAR) has exhausted around 67% of its maximum supply compared to Cardano’s (ADA) 78%. 

Regardless, very few people will be unfamiliar with these two tokens, but many will be new to this project that analysts are suggesting to be the top choice to invest in – Pushd (PUSHD). Our analysis looks at all these coins and why analysts tilt towards Pushd (PUSHD). 

Hedera (HBAR) sees sharp swings in 2 days

Currently hovering around $0.07677, Hedera (HBAR) has had an interesting 48 hours, with sharp rises and falls. This series of events sees Hedera (HBAR) fall to 12% less than a month ago, and almost 5% less than a week ago. Analysts are optimistic but admit Hedera (HBAR) will fall even further. 

Investors dump Cardano (ADA) amid free fall

Cardano (ADA) went as low as $0.5017 today as it continued to fall. Although it is back up to $0.516 per Cardano (ADA), it is still 15% less than it was at this point last month, and 7% less than a week ago. Investors may ditch Cardano (ADA) if this trend is sustained. 

Pushd (PUSHD) is better than Hedera (HBAR) and Cardano (ADA)

It isn’t completely strange that a relatively new project is a better investment than more established options. Yet, with Pushd (PUSHD), it seems even more likely it will be the best investment for 2024. As a new crypto, Pushd (PUSHD) is in its fourth stage and costs $0.075 per unit, less than tokens like Hedera (HBAR) and Cardano (ADA).

Investors can get Pushd (PUSHD) for cheaper and gain significantly from its high potential. Pushd (PUSHD) will also provide unique rewards for investors in this stage including being paid from transaction fees based on the tokens they hold. As Pushd (PUSHD) grows, so will these returns. 

Pushd (PUSHD) also appears to have the greater potential. Both Hedera (HBAR) and Cardano ADA are past 60% of their total supply, unlike Pushd (PUSHD) with up to 250 million of the token available. It gives Pushd (PUSHD) a much higher ceiling and allows investors to accumulate more of the token, meaning more possibilities for returns. 

Considering the utility of Pushd (PUSHD), it also looks appealing, promising lower fees, instant payouts, and decentralized governance. Looking at its tokenomics, team tokens on Pushd (PUSHD) are locked up for over 700 days. Analysts think that there are few tokens out there that compare to Pushd (PUSHD) and it could very well be the best investment of 2024. 

Find out more about the Pushd presale at their official website

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