The top 7 best debuts of Indian cricketers


Well started is half done is a proverb that also applies to sports. In cricket, the nation’s attention is focused on a new player from the minute he enters the field while donning the national colors. Numerous Indian cricketers have enjoyed career starts that are nothing short of miraculous.

The list of notable Indian cricketers who made their debuts and made to cricket news now is provided below.

. Mohammad Shami:

The Indian bowling attack’s current “reverse swing specialist” had a fantastic career beginning. In January 2013, Shami played against Pakistan in his first ODI. He earned a spot on our list of the best Indian cricketers to make their debut because the young speed battery was accurate with every ball he delivered.

Everyone was impressed by the right-arm seam bowler’s ability to bowl over 140 kph routinely. In November 2013, he quickly played his first Test against the West Indies. During the first Test in Kolkata, Shami set a record by taking nine wickets for 118 runs. In addition, he established a benchmark for the most wickets taken by an Indian bowler in his debut.

. Sourav Ganguly:

After a stellar Duleep Trophy performance, Ganguly was selected for the 1996 England trip with the National team. In the test Series, he joined Rahul Dravid in making his Test debut. The legendary partnership that ensued at the “Mecca of Cricket,” Lord’s Ground, earned him a spot on our list of the top Indian cricketers to make their debut.

As he unnerved the English bowlers, Ganguly dug in and struck one of his signature cover drives. In his first innings, Dravid scored 95, while Ganguly scored 131. On his first outing at Lord’s, he had become the third batsman to record a century. The top score by a batsman on his ground debut is still his 131.

Ganguly scored an incredible 136 in his initial innings and 48 in his second innings during the next Test match. His performance in his first Test series, which included scores of 131, 136, and 48, launched his career and helped to shape the cricketer he would later become.

. Ravichandran Ashwin:

R Ashwin, the best spinner in India, could not have wished for a more robust Test Debut. In 2011, he played his first Test against the West Indies. His final stats for the opening game in Delhi were 3/81 in the first innings and 6/47 in the second. The second-highest total of wickets taken by an Indian on debut was his 9-wicket haul. He was also given the “Man of the Match” award, making him only the third Indian player to receive it in his first game.

He took four wickets in the second Test. Finally, in the first innings of India’s first Test, he not only hit his first Test century but also took 5/156 in the third Test in Mumbai (103 runs from 118 balls). He gained confidence from his ideal debut series, which also solidified his status as an all-arounder.

. KL Rahul:

Rahul earned his ODI debut during India’s 2016 tour to Zimbabwe after a solid domestic and IPL season. He was the first Indian to achieve it on debut with an unbroken century in the game.

Rahul once more astounded everyone by scoring another century in his Test debut versus the West Indies trip (2016). He became the first Indian player to hit a century across his Test and ODI debuts, scoring 158 in the second Test.

. Narendra Hirwani:

Leg spin bowler ND Hirwani made his Test debut for India against West Indies in the series’ last Test in 1988. The West Indies and the entire cricket community will never forget the contest that came next.

Hirwani recorded an 8 for a 61-run total at the end of the first inning. Sir Vivian Richards, who was cleanly bowled for him, was among his illustrious victims. In the subsequent innings, Hirwani added eight more wickets, and he finished the game with an astounding total of 16 wickets for 136 runs in 33.5 overs. This record for recording the best numbers in a Test debut is still valid.

. Mohammad Azharuddin:

Through his numerous successes, the flamboyant and adaptable Mohammad Azharuddin established himself in the cricketing world. His test debut was possibly the best of them.

In 1984, against England’s Tour of India, Azhar made his international debut for India. Azhar entered the batting in the opening game in Kolkata when India was struggling at 127-4. He and Ravi Shastri scored 241 points together, and he finished the game with his first century (110).

The second Test mirrored the first in many ways. Azhar began his innings with a score of 48 and improved it in his second inning with a score of 105. He hit a hundred in the first innings of the third Test with a score of 124, and in the second innings, he quickly scored 54 runs.

. Suresh Raina:

Before making his test debut, Raina was a regular member of the Indian ODI and T20 teams. With the elegance of Sourav Ganguly and the ferocity of Sanath Jayasurya, he had already established himself as a cunning lefthander. He scored 120 against Sri Lanka in the second innings of the second Test at the Sinhalese Sports Club Ground in Colombo, making his test debut no different.

Every one of these cricket players kept playing for their nation (and still does) and put up several commendable performances. It merely highlights the significance of a debut for a cricket player—or any athlete, for that matter. A strong debut performance lifts the player’s spirits, even though it is not a surefire approach to a successful career.

The player’s commitment counts in a world of ups and downs like athletics.

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