New Scam Airdrop Launched Through OpenAI CTO’s Twitter Account

  • OpenAI chief technology officer’s Twitter account hacked
  • Timely warned, the crypto community was saved from clicking on the forge link

On June 2, Crypto Twitter saw a deluge of warnings following a post on the handle of OpenAI CTO MIra Murati. Apparently, the account was hacked and used to advertise a scam.

A post on Murati’s handle flashed an airdrop of a supposed ERC-20 token named OPENAI. Before getting deleted, the post received 83 retweets and 79,600 views. The hacker attempted to exploit the 126,200 followers on Murati’s verified account. The post was live for about an hour. 

The hacker also disabled the ‘reply’ to the tweet making it impossible for anyone to warn about the post.

Amidst all this, some Tweeples guessed that Murati was a victim of a SIM-swapping attack. 

The website shared in the tweet has a great resemblance with a real project called ChainGPT. It looks like a genuine project that has a commensurate amount of theoretical explanations and minimal graphics. It also prompted the visitors to connect their crypto wallet to it. 

The website was analyzed by a security researcher from blockchain security firm Beosin. Upon analyzing it, the expert said that the site deployed a crypto wallet draining kit to coerce visitors into signing requests.

After the request is signed, the attacker gets access to the wallet and takes out all the assets such as ERC-20 tokens and NFTs. 

To know the reaction of Murati and OpenAI, a major crypto media house contacted both, but they didn’t get any response.  

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