Mysterious ‘Super Memecoin Hunter’ Gains 1 Million With PureSheer WisdomPrudence 


The world of crypto trading is full of surprises and amazement. 

It was recently proved when a mysterious “super” meme coin hunter procured coins worth more than $1 million monthly. To be precise, he/she acquired 562.64 ETH while minimizing losses. The individual lost just 6 ETH, estimated to be worth $11,306. 

What caused this gain?

According to Lookonchain, the famous on-chain analytics firm, the gainer had identified 

some promising meme tokens. The portfolio boasts 104 meme tokens, out of which 66 reaped profits. Upon digging into the names of big gainers, the analyst confirmed that they were $RFD and $PEPE meme coins. The hunter eked out a 32-fold return on PEPE and a 4-fold return on RFD, amounting to $248,697/127 ETH and $345,306/189.5 ETH, respectively. 

With these strategic investments, Hunter showed its investment prudence and knowledge. Particularly with PEPE as the leading exchange, Binance panned it. According to the exchange, PEPE indulged in malpractices like buying tokens from the team members. It also claimed that the token lacked any value support mechanism or inherent utility. 

Furthermore, the PEPE token lost to Dogecoin ($DOGE) and Shiba Inu ($SHIB) in terms of popularity among traders. However, it recovered with a boom and turned out to be a profitable deal for Hunter. It is even among the top 100 digital assets listed on centralized exchanges.

Before this incident, a lucky investor made $1.14 million in just a few days with just 0.125 ETH. It was another classic case of buying tokens at the right time.  

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