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Leash Coin Price Soars After Announcement of Upcoming Wallet Release


What is Leash or Doge Killer?

The Doge Killer token, also known as “Leash” is the other symbol of the Shiba Inu ecological community. In the matter of price value, the Leash token stands greater than the SHIB token.

The charm of this token is a grouchy-type comic character of the Shiba Inu dog brand and is controlled by more than 26,000 e-wallets as of Oct. 2021, the details are accessible on CoinMarket capitalization disclosures.

Stimulated on dispersed company source ShibaExchange, the token assures to provide prizes to the partners who increase the equity of this leash coin.

On the other hand, the details on the highest distribution numbers of the Leash coin price prediction continues to be anonymous at present, more than 100,000 units of the altcoins have been made earlier

“Leash was normally placed to be a rebate token, but then we separated the rebate and released its complete positivity. With a full distribution of around 107,646 tokens, it shows another conclusion of our Ecological community range,” the formal details on the altcoin stated.

Doge Killer (LEASH) Overview

Coin NameDoge Killer
Coin SymbolLEASH
USD Price$1,232.45
24h Volume$13,825,759
Total Supply107,647

Leash Currency Price & Marketplace Analysis

Doge Killer’s or Leash’s price at present is $798.73 with a daily business abundance of $3,498,204. LEASH price has dropped at -2.1% in the last few days. It has a consistent distribution of 0 LEASH coins and an entire distribution of 108000 coins. If you’re thinking of purchasing or selling out  Leash or Doge Killer, Shibaswap is recently the most effective exchange platform.

$LEASH is the next upcoming token in the Shiba Inu Ecological community. It was naturally predicted to be a rebate symbol bound to the cost of the Leash. After it, it was fixed that Leash will offend the rebate keys (the functions to permit rebate, that was parched to assure this) and was constant as an easy ERC-20 Token.

LEASH was normally regulated to be a rebate symbol, but then it discarded the rebate and liberated its supply system completely. With a complete supply of Only 107,646 leash tokens, it displays the completion of our Ecosphere.


LEASH Price Live Details

Leash’s latest price is $797.67, which has fallen by -2.14% over the past few days. There is constantly a regular immersion by -1.78%. Leash’s market capitalization recently stands at $ USD, Staying at a market capitalization level at #2997. Leash stands at around #2997 in the coin market cap that appears at $ and its value for all day is around $2,807,740. Not applicable Leash are under the flow, with the complete distribution of 107.65 K and the highest distribution details are not available.


At present Leash, price is around $797.43, which has dropped 1% over the last few hours. Doge killer’s market capitalization is $85.84M. And a regular LEASH value is $1.82M. It has a marketplace capitalization position of 331 with a continuous number of 107,647 and the highest number of 107,647. The Leash is doing business on a total of 9 exchange platforms, with the high-rated sources that are ZT Global $101,670, BitMart $978,522, and ShibaSwap $523,670. Leash had the highest value of all time, that is $8,320 9, in a few months. In the last few days, Leash has had a total of 35% clear value and it has been doing business on a total of 43 superior marketplaces with its maximum value of business teams like- ETH $546,586, USDT $1.23M, and BONE $43,434.

Price forecast From Cryptographic Research

Many crypto investigators trust that the Doge killer token has an extreme positivity of price encouragement in the upcoming days of the future. As per coin to buy

‘According to our Leash research,  the latest finance has a 2.0 rank out of total 10 protection ranks and +873.8% predicted ROI with the price reaching to around $7,468.97. The effective position elements for this crypto capital is communally succeeding.’

As per the Digital coin price, the Doge killer token may go up to $6,936.13 in the upcoming days.

As per Coinskid

‘Our Prediction System anticipates that the Doge killer price may rise positively in its cost in some days by a total of +6%  from $1,429.25 to $1,520.28. The organization predicts approx +21% progress from around $1,429.25 to around $1,731.51 by the following upcoming month, Doge killer has a price forecast of $2,466.30 in almost yearly basis time.’ 

An Increase To $10,000 Is Imminent?

Bitcoin price is completely in modern mode and the Edict God is glowing on the cryptographic global world. Bitcoin has experienced a stable profit in price and recently doing business in a surplus of $50,000. It’s like a kind of a benefit, that was last observed in July. With the ruler of blockchains seeking to regain its foregoing dignity, each virtual coin, including Leash coin price prediction and Shiba Inu, has represented big profits in their entire price value in the last few days.

The encryption marketplace point of view is positive at present, and the Doge killer token took complete benefits of this by exceedingly incrementing its value from Oct. 4, which was doing business approx $850. At present, the value of the Doge killer token and recent high-tech index focuses on a positive point of view. Anyhow, Even though the positive atmosphere of the cryptographic marketplace and the Doge killer lists.

LEASH May Drive the interesting Impact of NFT Token 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may be called the greatest success of the year 2021, in the locality of cryptography. With NFT sports such as Axie Infinity (AXS), Cryptographic skills, Foreign Worlds (TLM) and so many others braggings, and so many active customers per day, the excitement of the token is getting an augmented success. A lot of cryptographic assignments are exploring to publish their own token craft or sport.

The amazing information for Doge killer partners is that the Shiba Exchange source is just about to release Shiboshi Token, a company group of 10,000 excellent fellows. This release, if it becomes a huge success, may increase the value of NFT displays on the Shibaexchange source. The biggest purpose is that, In the primary days, the Shiboshi token may be purchased only with Doge killer. The Shiboshi Token elements will also be promoted in the next Shiboshi Sports.

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