How To Teach An Uninterested Class


Your passion for teaching might be the reason that you are a teacher. You might find teaching the subject fun. However, it may not be the same with students.

Not every student find learning attractive or not every student likes all the subject. You will always find at least one student in your class who is not interested in knowing what you teach, no matter how well you prepare the subject. 

It may not be possible for you to grab the interest of all the students however, you should always try your best to do so. Teaching an uninterested group of students may require you to put extra effort and think differently to make them feel interested in learning the subject. 

Whether you teach online or in a brick-and-mortar classroom, here are some tips to help you with how to teach an uninterested class of students:

1. Express Your Confidence 

Most of the time, the students may not find enough confidence in learning and for which they may find the subject uninteresting. You, as a teacher, should make them realize that you trust in them and that they have enough potential in them. They will trust themselves if you show them that you believe in them and their potential. It is essential to encourage your students.

For this, you can let your students try out things on their own. For example, instead of showing them certain experiments, let them perform them. Give them detailed instructions for it prior so that they have a manual to refer to. 

2. Make Them Feel Confident

Many students lack confidence because they find the subject difficult. As a teacher, aim to instil confidence and self-esteem in your students. You can help them create a timetable to follow using a timetable maker so that their day is sorted and studying looks less taxing. 

Share about failures of famous scholars and personalities and not only their success stories. Make use of the fact that students are frequently vulnerable to teachers believing in them. However, keep in mind that not every student will appreciate you discussing their lack of confidence in front of their peers. Try to accomplish it in a one-on-one setting for them.

Also, instead of delving right into the complex jargon and definitions when teaching a new topic, break it down and try to relate it to real-life instances first.

3. Encourage Them to Take the Lead

There is a distinction between students watching you do a lab practical and them performing it themselves. They will be more interested in learning about it if you let them take the initiative. Hence, encourage them to take the lead. 

4. Make Them the Centre of the Class

You will surely know which of your students are not interested in your class. So, make them the centre of the class. 

What this means is that you must include them in your class, ask them questions and make sure that they pay attention.

Final Thoughts

You should never stop trying to make your class interesting for all the students. Every student has a different need which you need to find out and try to incorporate the same in your classroom. 

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