How to get bitcoin for free?


There are many interesting ways to get cryptocurrency money in reality. To get free bitcoins it is enough to know about several methods that are aimed specifically at making a profit, and possibly in such quantities that it will generally become a big and pleasant surprise for the user.

What methods of getting free cryptocurrency can become interesting for people?

If there is no much money but a strong desire to get free bitcoins without investment, then there are a couple of options worth paying attention to. Since today receiving cryptocurrency free money is still a reality, just figure out how you can accumulate it.

One of the most relevant options for earning money are games. Popular and prestigious is the virtual game RollerCoin. It involves the mining of bitcoins. We talk about cryptocurrency – dogecoin for free, which are accumulated by players due to passage of very complex algorithms of the blockchain system, etc.

Real existence of free cryptocurrency in the modern market

You can get free bitcoin, but you need to understand how the ecosystem technology works. Beginners often do not have the desire to invest money. Free giveaways – this is what beginners should familiarize themselves with, those who do not want to invest in this area.

Referral bonuses on crypto exchanges

There are some special programs that issue cryptocurrency to users for a series of actions. For example, when making financial transactions for a specific amount, it is possible to receive a reward. Such programs are bonus and valid for a certain period.

Cryptocurrency airdrop

Сryptocurrency airdrops represent the accrual of specific, but small amounts of money that has just appeared on the market. They were created as a marketing strategy. Сrypt becomes recognizable among modern users. You don’t need to enter any secret keys to use it. But you have to:

  • achieve specific criteria when trading on a particular exchange;
  • maintain participation during entire target period.

If you are a member of the blockchain community, you can get free btc to your account only by being present on the cryptocurrency exchange and supporting activity, such as tracking upcoming crypto launches or reading news in this crypto space.

Crypto games and faucets

When you visit RollerCoin , you’ll be sent to a mini-game website where you may “mine” for virtual currency. You may use it without paying anything, and it’s quite straightforward.

In addition, players may invest money into the game to increase their starting hashrate and gain an advantage over the competition.

This game gives you a percentage of the advertising money to keep playing. It will provide excitement but not money.

Rollercoin doesn’t utilize your computer since it’s a game, not a miner. Any game involves buying an edge. To benefit, they want you to invest. Games are fun, not expensive or time-consuming. Choosing this game guarantees enjoyment. 

Partnership programs

If you are interested in this method of obtaining free cryptocurrency, then you need to know its main features:

  • user needs to constantly develop own resource, in one of the popular social networks or have an online platform;
  • you can engage in advertising projects, which means promoting someone’s brand, you can receive cryptocurrency money as payment;
  • for bringing new customers to cryptocurrency exchanges, or crypto advertising platforms like, you will have the opportunity to receive additional bonuses.

Mining as a way to earn crypto

It must be borne in mind that income will depend on computing power, the better and more expensive the equipment, the more earnings will be. Profit will be calculated based on relevance. Bitcoin can be issued for the completion of a block of already those transactions that have been verified or added to the blockchain.

Crypto lending

The method refers directly to the form of decentralized finance, the scheme is based on the fact that the user executes smart contracts, and the lender can earn interest on loans. Crypto assets will always generate passive income when the borrower repays the loan. Losses in this process will always be covered, as transactions are made through special services, with a guaranteed payment of crypto money to the lender.

Running a Lightning Node

Programmers and those who have encountered frameworks are aware of this method. If the user has his own ultra-fast node, he can charge a specific, at first a small commission for processing transactional money that goes through special Lightning payment channels. The method can really be used only by those people who are well versed in the verification of transactional processes and in how to get a reward for doing such work in the form of such a monetary equivalent as cryptocurrency or cryptocoins.

How else can you earn free cryptocurrency?

Users can by participating in different activities. For example, doing the following:

  • maintaining own blog;
  • viewing specific web pages;
  • online games;
  • purchases in online stores;
  • provision of various services remotely.

The easiest way is to provide services or blogging. The labor market is always in demand for copywriters, programmers, developers of online games and programs, including bloggers who earn money from advertising. Customers can pay for their services with them in bitcoins. As for purchases in online stores, most of them provide cashback which can be converted into crypto. In online games users receive virtual funds for completing levels or selling something inside the game.

There are many ideas on the modern market, familiarize yourself with all the options. In this direction, you need to work out the right strategy that will definitely not let you down.

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