Coinbase To Launch a Nationwide Crypto Campaign- Moving America Forward


Coinbase is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA. Since its establishment in 2012, it has been at the forefront of the crypto and blockchain revolution. And it seems like they want to take their endeavour one step ahead this time. In a blog post released on May 22, the firm announced that they’d launch a multi-partite campaign called “Moving America Forward”. The program is a series of four advertisements, per the article. They all will focus on crypto adaptation in different ways. 

A Quadrilateral Initiative to Instill Crypto in the Economy:-

The campaign has 4 different adverts that will emphasize the induction of digital assets on different fronts.

  • The History of Money Initiative
  • Stand With Crypto Day
  • Real People Using Crypto For Real Needs
  • The State of Crypto Summit

The History of Money Initiative

This ad will focus on the historical exploration of currency from the beginning of our civilization. It will feature a walls cape depicting the transition of currency throughout the centuries. The creative display will also exhibit an armoured money truck turned mobile billboard. 

Stand With Crypto Day

This one will specifically promote an upcoming event held on July 19 in Washington, D.C. It will be centred on getting the politicians on board with the crypto adaption. The event will see crypto community members imploring the members of Congress for crypto-friendly policies. 

Real People Using Crypto For Real Needs

It will shed light on using crypto to gain economic freedom. In addition, it will promote one more event that will be held in New York on June 22.

The State of Crypto Summit

The theme for this ad would be the same as the previous one. It would unveil the various ways crypto makes us more financially stable. 

Broadcast on the Most Prominent Platforms

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong informed us these ads would feature on TV during popular Sunday shows. They will also be aired during the ad breaks of the NBA Final Series and NFL Super Bowl events. The latter will highlight a scannable QR code giving access to a BTC giveaway page. 

Drumming up for the Advancement of Crypto,

Coinbase seems to be going all-out for the cause of crypto. On May 12, the company rolled out its Global Advisory Council to engage more lawmakers and industry leaders. The body will comprise several former congressmen.

Also, the firm launched a grassroots political campaign dubbed “#Crypto435”. It will specifically emphasize making the voices of crypto users in all 435 congressional districts heard. 

To make crypto more accessible, Coinbase launched a zero-trading-free subscription service in 35 countries.As a result, Coinbase is currently riding the wave. Its share prices increased by 7.56% in the last 24 hours. According to Google Finance, it is trading at $61.07 at this time. 

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