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AI Image Generation on a Rise and Craiyon’s Contribution to Art 

  • Craiyon does AI Image Generation by use of GPT-3
  • Craiyon has multiple features which would be beneficial for artists and art enthusiasts. 
  • Steps to generate AI images using Craiyon.

AI has become an essential tool for artists and rolled into the mainstream to produce art in innovative and diverse ways. One can use some of these applications to generate imagery and videos. There are various forms in which these images can be created, such as text-to-image, speech-to-image, or any other form it can be explained in. 

One such AI is DALL-E. It was launched in 2021 and uses deep learning along with GPT-3. Its basic understanding is by humans, which means languages used by humans such as English, Mandarin, etc. 

Image Generated by DALL-E mini(Craiyon)  

DALL-E mini(Craiyon)  is a text-to-image generator, which means you feed what you want and it creates an image according to the instructions given in the text. Developer Boris Dayma made it. It was Dayma’s take on DALL-E. Craiyon is a free-to-use website that can generate and has paid versions. There are certain steps which are needed to be followed for the generation of images on DALL-E mini, which are:-

  • Craiyon website

Open the Craiyon website to see where to type in text and results; simply click on the generate by selecting from four available styles: art, drawing, photo, and none.

  • Give exact text for the image. 

Then describe what kind of output you need in your image. It helps if you tell the details about the idea, and it gives you the desired result. 

  • Image results

The image comes in the form of results, and it takes up to a minute to generate results from the text in the free version. It is faster than the paid version. Various images come in the form of results and  

  • Select an image

Select one image from the results which can be modified in quality. It is upgraded and made a better, more suitable initial text prompt.

  • Try another prompt

When you get your results, it suggests a more varied and better test to generate images, and new developments can be formed. Further suggestions are related to previous prompts.

  • View new results

The new results are formed based on the developed results, and once again, you can select the image you want to be modified and upgrade on the given suggestion.

  • View your favorite images.

You can save your favorite images and store them by making an account. A very nice feature of keeping the ideas in the form of images.

  • Buy a t-shirt with your favorite image (optional)

One of the amazing features of this website where you can print your text-to-image creations, and they will deliver them to your location.

These implications of AI are one of the most versatile and efficient in this particular sector, that is, art. If used efficiently, it can generate ideas for the field of art. 


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